As a part of BRPI’s monthly activities, Bioseed held its 5th commUNITY connect on August 01, 2022. Another month of unification and bonding. Bioseed Research Philippines Inc. values an effective relationship with its people.

Hosted by Sales Luzon Zone 1 & 2

The PEP Talk, Quiz Game, Intermission, Product Knowledge and anniverstory were prepared by Sales Luzon Zone 1 & 2, the departments tasked with hosting the August commUNITY. The opening message was delivered by Maria Teresa Miranda—HR & IT Manager, and Lorimer Pimentel—National Sales and Marketing Manager, on behalf of Sir Devadatta Sirdeshpande, the Executive President and General Manager of Bioseed Research Philippines Inc.

PEP Talk

The PEP talk was led by Alvin Huliganga from Zone 2A and Rex Cordova from Zone 2B. They have discussed National Coconut Week and history. Specifically, Alvin Huliganga talked about the social, economic, political, scientific, technological, medical, cultural, intellectual, religious, and military development of the history of the said discussion. On the other hand, Rex Cordova has imparted knowledge about the history of the National Coconut Corporation, the Philippine Coconut Administration, the Coconut Coordinating Council, and the Philippine Coconut Authority.

Online Quiz Game

The online quiz game is one of the most anticipated parts of every commUNITY. More than thirty (30) employees from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao took part in the online quiz game. The winners of the online quiz game for this community are: Terrence Yumang from Finance in third place, Norlin Mariano from Sales Luzon in second place, and Tiffany Tan from Quality Assurance in first place.

Product Knowledge

Mr. Brendo M. Garcia imparted knowledge about one of the products of Bioseed, the Healer 101G. He shared its core characteristics, which are; uniform ear size, excellent ear tip, drought tolerant, and good quality grains. The information shared by Mr. Garcia also assures and reassures the distributors and customers that Bioseed produces a high-quality product.


The anniversary sharer for this month is Mr. Rolly Garingo, the Regional Sales Manager. ”Never attempt to use the companys’ money in your personal expenses” Mr. Garingo highlighted the value of honesty in all aspects. He qouted ”The moment I will attempt, that will become my habit, and my habit willl become my attitude, and that attitude will bring me to nothing” One of the values of Bioseed is integrity, the company highly emphasize the moral uprightness of its employees, so do its people.


And of course, the monthly commUNITY will not be completed without the intermission number from the host department. During the 5th community connect, Sales Luzon prepared a short dance cover with the participation of ten (10) employees from Sales Luzon zones 1 and 2.


The community also highlighted the July accomplishments. Here are the happenings in July: (1) 4th community connect and birthdayhan (2) Monthly monsari headed by the HR & IT manager Maria Teresa Miranda. This activity aims to strengthen the bond and trust of an employee towards the management. (3) Luzon and Mindanao car fleet blessing (4) Shriram Cup sports continuation. (5) Pre-season sales planning with Lorimer Pimentel, National Sales and Marketing Manager. (6) Lastly, the ShaRED program, which was initiated by the HR and IT teams, is a bloodletting activity that aims to create a blood bank for the employee and workers of Bioseed.


New joinees from Bioseed and under TEMPCO were also introduced during the 5th community connect. There are a total of fourteen (14) new joiness, five from Bioseed, and nine (9) from TEMPCO. There is also one (1) employee for promotion. He is Mr. Richard Silvestre, Sales & Marketing Visayas.

Mr. Maquilang from Administration; Mr. Carrera from Commercial Agronomy; Mr. Ignacio from Sales and Marketing Visayas; Mr. Bayot from Sales and Marketing Mindanao; and Mr. Illustrisimo from Sales and Marketing Luzon are the new joinees at Bioseed. Ms. Pizzaras from Finance; Mr. Apura from R&D Technician; Mr. Reginaldo from Sales and Marketing Luzon; Mr. Real and Ms. Cuapingco from HR & IT; Mr. Miranda from Sales and Marketing Mindanao; and Mr. Gimeno, Mr. Yamson, and Mr. Dalida from Sales and Marketing Visayas are the new joinees under TEMPCO.


Birhdayhan with the August celebrants, BRPI has a total of twenty (20) celebrants in all branches nationwide. The main office celebrated another year of gift of life with the August birthday celebrants. namely, Aseniero, Birhdayhan with the August celebrants, BRPI has a total of twenty (20) celebrants in all branches nationwide. The main office celebrated another year of gift of life with the August birthday celebrants. namely, Aseniero,