With the initiative of the Admin Department of BRPI, as Fire Prevention Month approaches, Bioseed Research Philippines Inc. was able to coordinate with the Bureau of Fire Protection to hold a 4-hour fire safety seminar and fire drill on August 23, 2022. This seminar is designed to refresh participants’ knowledge of fire prevention.

The lecturers for this seminar were FO3 Lester John Munez and FO1 Florence Fritz Palma. The fire officers imparted their knowledge and expertise in fire safety and prevention.

For the first session, it was a lecture on the causes of the fire, how it started, and the factors that can cause fire. It was also discussed how to properly use and hold the fire extinguisher. After the lecture session, questions were also addressed, such as if we can still use a fire extinguisher in a large fire, when can we say that the fire extinguisher can still be used, and what is the best thing to do if the fire just started?

To ensure that the participants gained knowledge throughout the discussion, in the second session, participants were able to execute the proper use and handling of fire extinguishers and experienced bucket relay to stop the fire.

After everything was discussed, Ms. Janice Calub, the department head of supply chain, and Ms. Rose Monteflor, the department head of administration, expressed gratitude to the Bureau of Fire Protection for accepting the invitation to hold this seminar. The participants were also grateful to have had this opportunity to listen to and gain knowledge from the professionals. Indeed, the more people know, the less likely a fire will occur. Our knowledge can save us and will save someone someday.